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Turkey Certificate Attestation Procedure

Turkey is a transcontinental country and also a prosperous nation in the world. Turkey government issues various kinds of certificates to its residents and immigrants to certify or testify some important information or fact. Certificates are an official documents and which includes a significant information. Swiss government issues certificates which related to various fields like education, employment, business, financial, medical, etc..

Some important types of certificates are listed below

1. Educational certificates

2. Non educational certificates

3. Commercial certificates

  • Power of Attorney.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Trade license.
  • Invoice.
  • Certificate of Registration.

These certificates have a great value whole over the world, but we cannot use those certificates in other countries without legal authentication procedures. There are two legal authentication procedures first one is Attestation and the second one is Apostille, both are legal verification processes, which will make your document legally authenticate in your destination country. Apostille verification is needed only in the Hague convention countries and the countries that are not a member at the Hague convention comes under certificate attestation process. The embassy is the supreme authority of giving attestation. For applying an attestation some legal documents are required, but it depends upon the type of certificates and issuing country of authentication. To obtain a good certificate attestation the applicant should follow all the steps required by the destination country’s embassy. The validity of attestation depends upon the issuing country, but in some countries it has unlimited validity. Now, almost all countries require this strict process of verification to control the use of unauthorized documents inside the country. These processes make your document legally valid and valuable in the destination country. These are two obligatory processes required for all overseas travel.

Some general purposes of certificate attestation are,
  • Students who are planning to shift into another country for higher education should attest their previous educational document from the destination country.
  • Before providing family visa and residence visa the immigrants should take embassy verification from destination country’s for required documents.
  • Job purpose is the main aim educational document attestation.
  • Birth certificate attestation is needed for persons under the age of 18 and mainly used for migration purpose and school admission purpose.
  • Attestation of commercial documents gives power to sell property abroad.
  • Attestation is also used for getting equivalent certificates from the destination country.
  • Attestation of commercial documents will also enhance foreign trade and business.
  • Medical practitioners who are planning to attend MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. Of Health) examinations should legally verify their required documents from the concerned embassy.

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