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Legal Translation

Legal Translation is a legal activity which aims to translate an official certificate into another country’s official language. In most countries it is done by a specialized legal translator, it is a significant type of translation which happens in the field of law. But it needed only on some occasions and it helps the destination country’s authority to understand the your document.

Legal translation may occur in different occasions such as

Country of Origin:- If your document is not in English first you should translate those certificates in English after that you are eligible for applying a certificate attestation.

Intended country:- Intended country means where we are going to use those certificates, English is an official language, but in GCC countries English is not the official language so the certificate holder should translate the document into the official language of GCC countries (Arabic). It is not a necessary procedure, but now it is prevalent in Abu Dabhi and Kuwait.

Anyone who is 18 years or above is eligible for applying PCC. The main objective of the police clearance certificate is to prove that the applicant doesn’t do any harmful activities against the nation’s interest. Kuwait also strictly prohibits the entry of people without PCC. Kuwait PCC is a sincere and genuine document which has a great value in other countries.