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HSC Certificate Apostille

HSC an abbreviation of Higher secondary certificate, it is a mandatory certificate issued by school authority affiliated by the government, it is an essential need for pursuing higher education or graduate courses in India. The HSC certificate Apostille is an Attestation process in which a higher authority will issue Apostille. The Apostille is an official stamp or sticker, issued by the destination country’s government and which will attach to the document and which makes the document legally authenticate in the destination country. In simple words, it is a legal verification process done by the embassy or consulate of the destination country. Apostille attestation is a legal verification by Hague convention country’s, Apostille attestation makes you Higher Secondary certificate applicable in the destination country. To achieve an Apostille attestation the applicant should face so many legal proceedings.

Required documents for applying higher secondary certificate Apostille are
  • Passport copy
  • Original higher secondary certificate

Apostille attestation keeps your HSC certificate safe and secure in the destination country. It is an important requirement in the Hague convention country. Apostille attestation has a certain validity and it depends on the issuing country, but in some country it has unlimited validity. The HSC certificate Apostille helps the applicant in obtaining some dreamy needs. HSC Apostille is mainly used for higher education purposes, if an applicant wants to take higher education from a Hague convention country the applicant should take Apostille attestation from the destination country’s embassy or consulate which is situated in your home country. HSC Apostille is also used for visa purposes and job purposes. Because the applicant should prove that he/she holds the original certificate. Apostille attestation controls the use of unattested documents inside the country. Apostille attestation acts as a bridge between home country to destination country. Also it makes your document genuine and authenticate.