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Educational Certificate Apostille

The Educational certificate Apostille is a verification process of educational documents to prove that the certificate is authenticated. The Apostille is a type of attestation which is required by Hague convention countries. Hague convention a peace treaty which gave birth to Apostille attestation and now it is world widely accepted. The main aim of the educational certificate Apostille is to make your educational qualification legally authenticate. Educational certificate, an academic document which certifies that a person received specific education or passed in the exam or series of exam, which prove the educational qualification. Educational certificate is varied by its form and its content.

Types of Educational Certificate Apostille are

The essential function of the education certificate Apostille is to allow or give permission to immigrant peoples for the use of educational certificate inside the country. The educational certificate Apostille is a legal authentication issued by the destination country. The educational certificate attestation is used for many purposes and it will be help the applicant to prove his qualification in the field of applying.

    Some common purposes of educational certificate attestation.
  • To obtain a job in a Hague convention country
  • For migration purposes
  • For higher study purposes
  • For visa purposes
  • For admission purposes

If a person plans to go into a Hague convention country, for that the applicant should attest his/her required educational certificate from the embassy or consulate which is situated in your home country. To obtain an educational certificate Apostille the applicant should face so many legal procedures. Educational certificate Apostille has a certain validity and it depends on the destination country, because their embassy will issue is Apostille attestation.

Required documents for applying Educational Certificate Apostille are,
  • Passport copy
  • Original certificate