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Indonesia Certificate Attestation Procedure

Indonesia, an important Muslim country in the Asian continent and one of the important emerging economy in the world. The Indonesian government issues various kinds of documents to its resident people to certify or testify a fact or information. But to use those certificates outside the Indonesian boundaries the certificate holder has to face some legal proceedings. Those legal proceedings commonly known as attestation and the Apostille, which is very widely used in international dealings. The Apostille is applicable only in Hague convention countries and countries that are not part of Hague convention comes under attestation process. These two processes make your document legally authenticate in the destination country.

Some important types of certificates are listed below

1. Educational certificates

2. Non educational certificates

3. Commercial certificates

  • Power of Attorney.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Trade license.
  • Invoice.
  • Certificate of Registration.

Certificate Attestation has certain certain validity, but it depends upon the issuing country. In this present world every countries strictly prohibits the use of unattested documents inside the country. Attestation makes your document eligible for shown in front of the destination country’s officials. These procedures are a way to your destination country and which make your document valid and valuable in the destination country. Which will help you to fulfill your dreams from the destination country.

Some general purposes of certificate attestation are…
  • To obtain higher study from a foreign university, you should take educational certificate attestation from the concerned country’s embassy to prove your educational level.
  • For residence visa or family visa purposes, we should attest required non educational document like Marriage certificate, Migration certificate, etc.
  • For job/ employment purposes, you should submit an attested educational certificate to prove your educational qualification.
  • For school admission purposes of your child, you should submit an attested birth certificate of your child in the destination country.
  • To get right to sell properties you should take an attestation for concerned document such as a power of attorney.
  • To get equivalent certificates
  • For company registration, you should attest the required commercial certificate.
  • Educational certificate is needed for writing MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. Of Health) examinations by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory, technicians, etc.

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