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MEA attestation Qatar

Qatar is a small peninsula in the gulf region. If you wish to fly to Qatar for a permanent visa you need to complete certain procedures. Qatar has some legal processes that need to be followed before entering Qatar. Ministry of External Affairs attestation commonly known as the MEA attestation is the authentication done to your original documents that need to be used in Qatar. MEA attestation is the act of getting your certificates verified by the ministry of external affairs. This ministry is a government body which is responsible for the foreign relations of the country.

Before the ministry of external affairs is done you need to get your documents attested by the respective authorities.

Purpose of MEA attestation Qatar

  • For students getting higher education in Qatar need MEA attestation
  • For getting work permit this attestation is necessary
  • For migration
  • Family visa
  • To start a new business branch in Qatar etc.

Required documents for MEA attestation Qatar

  • Original document
  • Passport copy

MEA attestation is one of the important steps in document attestation.Inorder to get MEA attestation done the individuals should first get their documents attested from the state or HRD department. This attestation procedure is carried out to prove that your certificates are genuine and real before the Qatar government.