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Kuwait Police Clearance Certificate

Kuwait, a Muslim country implements certain legal procedures and jurisdictions to countries citizens and also for outsiders, and PCC is a type legal certificate which issued to resident people to certify that the person is does not commit any criminal offense in the country. Police clearance certificate also known in different terms such as good contact certificate, good citizen certificate, judicial extracts, PCC, etc.. Every PCC has certain validity and it is based on the issuing country. In simple words, we can say that PCC is an outcome of a person’s past behavior. PCC in Kuwait is issued by the police department, but in sometimes government authority is responsible for it.

Documents required to obtain Kuwait PCC

  • Fingerprints-Attested by Kuwait Embassy
  • Request letter from the Embassy of the country in which you are going to relocate
  • Passport copy
  • Kuwait Residence page copy
  • 2 Blue Background color Passport Size photo (Recent)

Police clearance certificate is an official legal document and it may take several legal procedures. Before granting a police clearance certificate the concerned Kuwait authority will inspect all our past movements to ensure that the person involved in any illegal activities in the country. Nowadays, every countries strictly demands Police clearance certificate for protects their country from illegal activities. PCC is used in every field of foreign affairs

Some general purposes of obtaining Kuwait PCC
  • For job/ employment purposes
  • For migration purposes
  • For residence visa purposes
  • For higher study purposes, etc.
  • For business purposes

Anyone who is 18 years or above is eligible for applying PCC. The main objective of the police clearance certificate is to prove that the applicant doesn’t do any harmful activities against the nation’s interest. Kuwait also strictly prohibits the entry of people without PCC. Kuwait PCC is a sincere and genuine document which has a great value in other countries.