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India is the second most populous country and one of the fastest developing country in the world. It is an opened economy, so day by day many immigrants arrive in India for attaining their needs and wants. It is a territory of opportunity for talented immigrants, but to reach inside the country the immigrant should take an Indian embassy attestation for his/her required documents. Legal certification issued by the Indian embassy or consulate is called Indian document attestation which will help the applicant to shift in India without other legal complications. The government demands legal authentication for outside certificates, which will open your gateway to reach in India.

Some important types of certificates are listed below

1. Educational certificates

2. Non educational certificates

Indian government recognizes Apostille authentication for outside documents because it is a member country of the Hague convention. An official stamp or sticker issued by the Indian government is called an Apostille and which will affix in the backside of the submitted document. In simple it is a legal confirmation process and which will make the document suitable to present before the responsible officials.

Needed documents for applying Indian embassy Apostille are,
  • Original required certificate
  • Passport copy of the applicant

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