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Oman Police Clearance Certificate

Oman is a Gulf country and Islamic law is prevailing in Oman. Oman government issues police clearance certificates to all needed resident people who are going to relocate in another country. The Oman police clearance certificate is a more essential document and it has great value in all over the world. Oman police is the responsible authority of issuing PCC and it will be more genuine and authenticate.

Required documents for applying Police clearance certificate in Oman

  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • Oman ID copy (Not Mandatory)
  • 1 Blue background Passport size photo

In simple words, police clearance certificate is a gateway to other foreign nations. Police clearance certificate is an essence of your past performance or activities and the outcome is based on past behavior. If you take part in any illegal activities in Oman you are not able to obtain a Police clearance certificate from Oman government. The main goal of demanding PCC by other foreign countries is to protect their country from unlawful activities. Police clearance certificate has many functions and purposes, nowadays PCC brought a new change in the field of international communication.

Some general purposes of obtaining Oman PCC

  • For job/ employment purposes
  • For migration purposes
  • For residence visa purposes
  • For higher study purposes, etc.
  • For business purposes

Now police clearance certificate is globally accepted process, every country strictly prohibits the entry of people without PCC. Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible for applying a PCC. If a person settled in Oman and he wants to relocate to another country to achieve some needs, for that he has to submit a Oman PCC in the destination country to prove that he has no criminal background. Police clearance certificate is a significant document needed in every international communications.