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UK Documents

Qatar is non-member of the Hague Convention. All the document intended to use inQatar required legalization not apostille which generally known as attestation or authentication, legalization

  • Pre-certification by a Solicitor,
  • Obtaining the Apostille
  • Legalization stamp from the Qatar Embassy
  • Ministry of foreign affairs (from Qatar)

Below are some of the common public documents that can be Apostilled (legalised). Almost any UK document can be Apostilled or legalized and therefore if your document is not shown below, please contact us for further advice.

Documents for legalisation must be UK documents, and although they can be copies, they still must contain an original signature, seal or stamp from the relevant UK public official whom the document is coming from. Some copies of original documents often have to be certified by a Solicitor or Notary Public. If you are in any doubt, please contact us for further advice.

  • Certificates of Good Standing - Signed by an official of Companies House
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association - Signed by an official of Companies House
  • Certificates of Incorporation - Signed by an official of Companies House
  • UK Birth, Death and Marriage certificates
  • UK Civil Partnership Certificates
  • Copies of Birth, Death, Marriage and Civil Partnership certificates issued by the General Register Office (photocopies certified by a Solicitor are no longer acceptable).
  • Death Certificate issued by a UK Coroner
  • Certificates of no impediment
  • County Court documents
  • Notarial Acts
  • Change of Name Deed poll - Signed by a UK notary public or solicitor*
  • Power of Attorney - Signed by a UK notary public or solicitor*
  • Notarial Acts Certificates of Incorporation - Signed by an official of Companies House
  • National Identification Certificates – Signed by an official of NIS
  • Medical documents – Signed by a GMC registered doctor
  • Passports – Photocopy signed by a UK notary public or solicitor*

* Make sure your Attorney / Solicitor signs your document in their own personal signature (not a company signature/ stamp).


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Apostille is a certificate which verifies and confirms the seal and signature of person who authenticates the document. There are designated authorities in every country to issue apostille certificates or legalization. Apostilles are commonly issued for various documents related to adoption cases, for commercial documents, for educational documents and for court records, land records, school documents and patent applications.

Not all countries can issue apostille, but only the countries who had signed agreement for abolishing the need for public documents'. Once apostille is..